Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Inspiration; Getting Up Even When You're Down

Let's do this!

When you feel you've hit an all time low and stuck in your life as if you wouldn't know the first step to get out of this extentuous rut it's time to inspire yourself. It is very overwhelming not only do you have to manage day to day activities, but you must make sure that these day to day activities are really beneficial to your future goals as a person. Often we aren't even sure where we want to take our lives or even realize the amazingness that were capable of. Life can become a slow dull drool where everything is meaningless and our actions don't seem especially important. It is then especially then that we often do things that aren't either good for our higher goals, or for feeling any better at all. The good thing that getting out of such a state isn't as hard as it might seem to be. The best way to go about it is taking small easy steps. If you overload yourself your mind is simply not prepared will want to get frustrated and simply give up.

The most important aspect of changing ones life isn't by making a string list of accomplishments it matters that you have the will and be able to feel good about what you're doing. When I'm stuck the best thing is to take a look at where I'm at in my life and what I have been spending my time doing. The best way to stay in connection with ourselves honestly is with a good attitude, good internal understanding, and a healthy relationship with thinking and doing. Thinking about doing something and actually doing something produces the same feeling of 'accomplishment'. Think to yourself why do I want to accomplish this, how will it benefit me and what will happen if I make this choice or don't at all? This can be the same to be inspired. I often feel so down I don't want to get out of my bed because I don't have the energy due to being anemic, having IBS and gastric autoimmune disorder.

 I may be feverishly fatigued, but the mind is a powerful tool that can reshape how we feel inside and out. I often feel small against my sickness and my stigmatized mind. A mind is a great thing and our feelings are great at alerting us of many things including stress. It also gets easy to get drawn into that feeling and not do anything until it finally changes course whether by our choice or one out of our control if we wait long enough. The great thing is that we can be that change and we can be the navigators of our own feelings. An amazingly awesome English Professor of mine once gave me some powerful advice "You are not your feelings".

Often I feel that I am completely dictated by the overwhelming nature of my sensitive temperament, but the great thing is that in can be mind over matter. The first thing I look at is what I've been overly concerned with and simply say okay I feel this way. Oh well. I accept that feeling and then I embrace it. I then think what's one thing that I could do to simply get me started and in the right direction. Often enough it's thing you need is how to get started on your glorious endeavor. It could be how to start the day, project or something to change the direction of your thinking.

 After doing one small task I feel pretty mighty and realize that I can do other things that would eventually make me feel the way I'd like to feel. I think what are four very important things that I could do today that would make my time on earth worthwhile. Today for me it was writing this article, catching up with a wonderful lady friend of mine, instead of obsession,  I accommodated my illness with a small nap (ultimately wasting less of my precious energy and zen), and read tarot for someone helping them see a situation in a new light.  Being more confident in my abilities, having somewhat of a routine, not questioning why I want to get out of bed, and being more open to doing instead of living in my head. Balance is key, too much thinking leads to rumination, and to much do can lead to recklessness and no sense of direction.

That reality that is unseen possibly the reality that you didn't know that you could have is a possibility is waiting for you and it's simply waiting for you to plant the seed and watch it grow. I carry on doing small things until I realize that all of those small things have vastly improved the quality of my life. One beautiful tool a.k.a book that I can recommend is the how of happiness. It has different activities that are geared to help you have LONGTERM happiness, and that is what really drew me in. It's not written in guru format, it's happiness in a scientific method, having done plenty of happiness studies on participants. Written by Sonya Lyubomirsky, she focusing on a scientific way of becoming happy. The book suggests that you pick just a few, like three, activities that fit you being ones that would be most helpful and the most easiest (playing to your strengths). That way it is easier to succeed and you feel less struggle frustration than what you are currently feeling. It is easy to read, and has statistics and often she even writes how the activities affect her personally. 

One of the easiest was writing simply at the end of the day a few things that happened well for you. Journaling and sort of seeing the positive or a new way to look at a difficult situation. But the one that I will really be talking about is Our Best Possible selves. This can be a meditative acitivity , but it can also simply be writing. Either way I prefer to do both. In this acitivity you view your future self at any length of time perhaps a month, perhaps a year or five depending on how you want to utilize this. This is where you imagine yourself having everything going according to plan. All the things you wanted to do you've done who you wanted to be you are. Who do you see yourself as? I saw myself becoming familiar with one musical instrument, learning how to sing, being healthier, being more accepting and understanding, being willing to have more fun, progress made with my art and writing, and somehow working my way around my sickness to model.

Perhaps dreaming about your life is a fantasy as it hasnt happened yet but the power in realizing what you really want out of your life being who would make you happy is the magic catalyst. You can either dream sleeping or awake and chasing them.  Being inspired to try new things, change, and recommit everyday to goals was heavily advocated by Oprah.

Charge the flame for your inner fire you're going to succeed, do what you've always wanted you'll reach it. Inspiration is not constant and it comes and goes and when it goes it will come back. Creating goals that you'd like to accomplish and utilizing small steps to get to that goal is a very valid route. A step at a time and you'll be there with constant continuous small steps than overwhelming hard to grasp big steps that most likely aren't really definitive. When you make your goal your actions rather than something ambiguous like becoming a magnificent artist it makes it so much easier. When you start trying and you're aren't that magnificent artist you'll want to give up since in reality that is your goal, you'll compare yourself to your goal and always feel like you haven't measured up. When you're goal is doing small things and taking enjoyment in small steps you know just what to do and that feeling of certainty can really boost confidence and it really wont seem so big deal. You're important, lovely and possibilities are infinite. What will you allow yourself to create? It's all in your hands being your own solution. You got this!

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